This past May, we had the pleasure of meeting Karan with Onlinefatafat.

Karan came to ExactInk looking for guidance around building his startup and its online presence.

“Karan ultimately needed a technology partner for his startup. We wanted to help him understand what is required to run an e-commerce business, and how to manage all of the company’s processes effectively,” says Muskan, project manager for ExactInk.

The Onlinefatafat business concept required a platform for highlighting products on the company website and options for online customer service. “Karan came to ExactInk for some guidance on how to accomplish his business goals, and needed a technology partner to help with that strategy.”

The best solution for Onlinefatatat was Magento, an open-source, e-commerce platform that is customizable, fast, and SEO friendly.

Magento’s modular design allowed ExactInk to develop a customized front-end user experience for the Onlinefatafat store, by plugging in attractive templates and modules that fit the client’s brand and their needs.


What might work for a camping equipment store doesn’t necessarily work for a coffee retailer. The size of your company and what you require for product inventory, for instance, pose their own sorts of challenges on an e-commerce platform. But Magento’s capabilities are robust, with the right coding experience.

With a tailor-made and attractive, easy-to-use front-end experience and a highly-functional backend management system, the Onlinefatafat store was launched. The company is building their user base on a platform they feel confident about.


ExactInk is committed to bringing customized, user-friendly solutions like the Onlinefatafat site for businesses like yours. If you need strategic website development consulting or want to find out what kind of solutions we have available for your startup’s website, contact us today!