It’s not easy to capture the perfect moment in a photo, but a photographer with experience and expertise creates a livelihood out of doing just that.

Guarav Kothari is a photographer, entrepreneur, and family man. He founded iWonderYears with his wife, Bhavisha, and together they form the creative team behind the iWonderYears company.

iWonderYears was founded out of a passion for the kinds of moments that make a profound impact. “We love making wonderful memories for families that will be cherished and loved forever,” states the iWonderYears site.

Guarav and Bhavisha were happy with the kind of photography sessions they were able to create with clients, but they didn’t have a website or platform that captured these moments in an effective way.

“The client needed a way to showcase their photography portfolio, and also needed to be able to deliver the finished digital product to their clients,” reports Muskan with ExactInk, who oversaw the client’s project.

The iWonderYears website needed to organize and display their portfolio of work, explain to clients what packages are offered through iWonderYears, and maintain a professional feel. Previously the only other way they were able to manage and display their work was through a Facebook page.

“The client had to manually explain the benefits of their different package offerings to clients, and had to share their work through emails,” states Muskan. “We wanted to find solutions for the client, to make their portfolio more easily accessible to their clients and improve customer relationships.”

“We used WordPress as the website platform, and went with a simple but sleek interface for the site to highlight the iWonderYears’ portfolio and client package offerings,” says Muskan.


With a customized and attractive home page, the iWonderYears site effectively displays the quality of photography that the company offers to its clientele.

The company’s Pricing page is organized cleanly and visitors can click through several options for photography packages, based on their family’s needs.


“We went through several feedback sessions with iWonderYears,” says Muskan, “to ensure that the client was completely satisfied with the navigation and overall appeal of the site.”

This simple and effective redesign of the site brings the most important part of their business to the forefront — beautiful and emotional photography for your family.

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